Monday, 4 June 2012


So, after officially making my first post last night, as you can imagine, it made me a touch giddy all day.  Well, giddy and completely motivated (possibly a tad delusional as well...) to complete other things I've been meaning to do for awhile now. So...I compiled a list!  I figure since I now have this handy dandy blog to speak my mind on...this will be a perfect place to keep track of my progress!

25 Things To Do Before 25
(In no specific order)

1.       Get over one of many fears of animals/insects. Face your fear of raccoons or skunks…I don’t think I’m brave enough to take on wasps and bees just yet though…

2.       Get over fear of flying…even if it means shitting your pants in the process…just DO IT!

3.       Make amends with someone who you’ve ended a friendship badly with.  Who cares if they mock you and read your apologetic letter to all their family and friends…you’ll feel better about being such a bitch in the past.

4.       Come up with a new cocktail...and get drunk perfecting it!

5.       Go on a wine tour…don’t forget to learn a thing or two!

6.       Take a road trip with a friend or two

7.       Go camping…even if it’s in the backyard

8.       Host a successful dinner party with a couple friends…successful is when you don’t poison them with your bad cooking.

9.       Learn to cook a four course meal…that’s just 4 recipes…in 8 months…simple? Definitely not!

10.   Buy a random, strange food at the grocery store and learn to make a meal with it.

11.   Go skinny dipping…don’t chicken out this time!

12.   Participate in at least two charity events this year.

13.   Start a blog…and keep it going!

14.   Donate blood…remember, ‘it’s in you to give!’

15.   Move away from Edmonton…either south or east…but preferably southeast!

16.   Get a job that puts you back into the fashion industry

17.   Shoot at least 10 concept shoots this year. 1

18.   Watch my sister get married…I guess I have no control over this one, but I’m fairly optimistic this will be crossed off. DONE!

19.   Donate old clothes to charity…just bite the bullet, others will really appreciate it!

20.   Get a roommate…that isn’t blood related!

21.   Ask a guy for his phone number…preferably without laughing or turning red…

22.   Complete a 30 day wardrobe challenge…still deciding which one to do…

23.   Try a different type of workout program

24.   Wear the 5 inch heels sitting in your closet more often…who cares if you are 6’3 while wearing them…you’ve already paid for them…better get good use out of them!

25.   Plan something special to show appreciation for your family.

There you have it...I've got exactly 240 day...or 34 weeks...or 8 months to complete this list!  Better get a move on!


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  1. You can camp at our lake, anytime!! Not sure if you remember the last time!