Thursday, 14 February 2013

I Heart You!

Well, well, well...unless my calendar is lying(which has happened before), I'm pretty sure today is Valentines Day! I hate to sound like such a dork, but I adore this holiday! I know what you critics are saying, "she must have received a dozen roses, along with a bucket full of diamonds, from an absolute wonder she loves this holiday!" And to that I say...hahaha!! I can assure you, I'm as single as they come(wink, wink to all the hotties out there!), I did not receive one flower of any kind, and the only 'ice' I got near today was the kind in my glass. And yet...I still celebrate this holiday with as much oomph as cupid! Why? Well, first off, I'm a firm believer that I don't need a man in my life to live it...why can't I celebrate the love of myself? Haha! Not to mention, celebrate the love I have for my family and friends! Sure, sure, sure...I could show this appreciation year round(and I do!), but we can also celebrates gingers year round...but yet we have St. Patty's Day for that! I guess it just takes me back to the excited feeling I got as a kid when I anxiously awaited getting all my valentines from my classmates, and eating all the pink, heart shaped cookies! Who doesn't love that feeling of being five again?
So, what are my plans this Valentines Day? One of my best friends and I are dressing up and checking out a new Italian restaurant in town. Like I said early, why not celebrate the love for your friends? Oh, and just a shout out to pinterest for his gift. Everyone go check out this's seriously so cute, easy, and affordable! It literally look me an hour or two and it is such a personal gift! Doesn't pinterest just save the everytime! :)

xoxo(double that today!)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Out With The Old...

I think it's pretty obvious that to anyone who knows me that I have a 'slight' addiction to shopping. What comes with a love for shopping? Clothes...lots and lots of clothes! Lots and lots of clothes mean a very full closet for a Miss Hoover! I've known for a long time that I've needed to do a good clean up however, the inner hoarder in me has basically been putting a lock on my my closet doors. But, just days before my deadline for the list I finally sucked it up and just did it! I can honestly say, I never expected it to be so difficult. I can't tell you how many times I shifted my favourite striped blazer from a bin to hanging up again and back to the bin again(I got an unfortunate stain on the lapel that I've been trying to cover up with no avail). Who knew one could get so emotionally attached to clothing! However, at the end of the day I must admit it feels so much more organized and less crazy! Hopefully now it wont take me hours just to pick an outfit(just kidding...I could have 5 things in my closet and I'd still be just as indecisive as ever!)

Apparently the puppies wanted in on the fun as well...but don't could we get rid of such cuties like these!
 Sooo many clothes!!  However...look at all the room I made in my closet! I can move things around again! Horray!!
Look how neat and organized even my dresser is! I don't think I've been able to shut these drawers since '92!
Even Pepper gives me a thumbs up! :)


25...hello? Is that you?

So, it's official...I've hit the big mid twenties! Yikes! I know, I can hardly believe I'm finally old enough a car! Haha! Look out Avis...I feel a strong need to use and abuse my new found power! I did want to do a quick post to show everyone what a lucky girl I was last week. Not only was my actual day perfect but last Saturday I also had a little get together at my friend's apartment followed by a dance party on Whyte Ave.  All in all, I have to say, if last week was any indication of what 25 has in store for me...I will have one of my most epic years yet!

Ummm...could my Justin Bieber/Courtney cupcakes get any cuter??  Note my signature pearls, polka dots and red lips? I nearly died when I saw these! Better then I could have ever imagined!  I have one of my sister's close friends to thank for these! If anyone wants contact info so you can make a cupcake order just message me...I promise, you won't be disappointed!
 Do my friends know me, or do they know me? Only Bieber can finally put into words what makes me so special (my straight up coolness...yo! haha!)

Also pictured here is the jello shots (or what's left of them), and not pictures are my white chocolate, s'mores pudding shots.  Can you say delicious? Yummm!! Thank you pintrest...always so many creative ideas! **Sidenote: Everyone please follow me on pinterest @Courtneyhoover!! :)
 My bestie, Courtney...the other half of C²! Love you!!
 Typical mirror shot...
 Devin doesn't seem so excited to be celebrating...Regan is making up for his lack of excitement in spades! :)
 My ladies!!  Is it just me or is one of us not like the other...haha! Love you ladies!
My one and only Ginger! Could I love this guy anymore?

And shortly after these photos were taken, absolute nonsense started...but those photos and stories will have to wait for another blog posting...or not! haha!