Tuesday, 15 October 2013

One Lucky(and thankful) Lady!

Oh, wow...I'm not even going to get into how long it's been since my last post. It's actually almost shameful! It's not that I haven't had things to post about, because I definitely have, I guess I just don't always make my blog the top priority...my bad!

Anyways, the reason for this post is because of a wonderful holiday I like to call(as does the rest of Canada) Thanksgiving! Yes, this is a humble post about a holiday that's a gateway to all things fall! What started out as a simple instagram post turned a tad too long, and resulted in this post. Besides, not everyone has such a medium to express their gratitude towards all things good in their life...may as well take advantage! So, as I watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving I will explain to everyone why I'm one lucky little lady!

(Please keep in mind, none of this is in any particular order.)

#1: My Bad Cooking Skills
I know this is a rather unusual thing to be thankful for but honestly, I'm proud of every last burnt grilled cheese I've made, all the soggy macaroni I've over boiled, and the pancakes I've misflipped. My inability to cook will always remind me to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously. I mean, it's a pancake...worst case scenario I can whip up a pretty tasty bowl of cheerios! Plus, when I do get that recipe just right, it's one the greatest feeling...even if it is just a dangerously delicious deviled egg!
Have you ever seen someone actually turn spaghetti brown? No? Well...now you have!
#2: Bacon
I feel like anyone who doesn't fall on the side of a vegetarian understands why this has made this list. I know all my family and friends aren't shocked to see this on my list at least. To say I've had a slight bacon obsession for many years would be an understatement! I'm sorry, but that crispy, salty goodness just can't be beat!
I'm sporting an ugly cry because I'm so happy I've been given a bouquet of bacon roses...future men of my life, take note!
#3: My Photography
The main reason I started this blog! I honestly don't remember what I did without my camera. It's been an amazing creative outlet for me. My camera makes me so incredibly happy! I honestly don't need to make another penny on a photo shoot, I just need a smiling face in front of my lens! (But I'm not giving out free shoots...ha!)
Pearls and Polka Dots all the way!
#4: My Passport
I guess this can sound like a stupid thing to be thankful for but truly, I am so blessed to have been given the means and opportunity to travel. Not everyone has the chance to explore different parts of the world and witness first hand the cultures and way of life in other countries and continents. I'm not necessarily talking about flying down to Cabo and spending a week getting drunk on tequila(even though this isn't a terrible vacation...), I'm talking about actually walking in the same shoes as the locals. From my first trip abroad (many, many years ago) my eyes were completely opened to how different life can be outside of the tiny bubble I grew up in.
In Cyprus
In Dubai
In Qatar
In Cyprus
#5: My Friends
 These are the people who have seen me at my best, my worst and my downright crazy girl moments! I'm so incredibly thankful for each and every one of them supporting me on the path I'm on right now. Fairy tales talk about everyone's 'one, true soul mate'...please, I've got 12 soul mates in my life...beat that Cinderella!
What? We like dressing like crazy golfers when we go out!
My one and only Ginger! The Will to my Grace! <3
The 'miley"...more like the 'hoover'! We rocked this look long before there were grinding teddy bears!
My Toronto bestie...this transition would have be near impossible without this lady!
Alaina, my bestie from college! One of the only ladies I can literally shop until I drop with!
These two ladies are so crazy they make me feel a little sane sometimes! My Le Chateau ladies...(soon to be my Toronto ladies...right Renee? Ha!)

Deah: I'm thankful she introduced me to tripe! Yummy!
I may not talk to these two as often as I'd like to but it's like a day hasn't passed when I do see them! Miss you!!

I apologize if someone is missing from pictures...y'all know I love you!

#6: My Puppies
Who else can melt your heart with a slobbery kiss? Who can remind you how out of shape you are with a little jog around the block, or cuddle you when you're having a bad day and suddenly turn it all around. Is there really anything better then knowing no matter what there is always someone waiting for you at home that will love you unconditionally (no matter how naughty you may have been...).
Pepper...my princess back in Edmonton!

My little buddy Norman!
Keiko, my brother's shiba back in Edmonton..hands down the smartest dog I know(sorry Pepper and Norman)!
#7: My Roomies
Even though these two people technically fall under #9, I think they are owed a special thank you! As most know, I moved to Toronto a couple months ago. What started as a plan to live with my sister and her husband for a month or two turned into a bit longer. Things definitely have not gone as perfectly as I had envisioned with this move and some days can be frustrating, but I've had the most understanding and patient couple to live with. While some might have kicked me out for rent being a week late, or for not always cleaning my dishes, they have been extremely helpful in doing what they can to help me out.
Britty and I...with Tyler creepin' in the background!
#8: My Niece & Nephew
I'm being slight bias here, but these two rock! I know everyone says this about the little ones in their family, but trust me when I say that this is the truth! I do not have any children of my own yet but if this is the kind of love one has for their own children then I can't wait to have a few little Courtneys running around! I honestly didn't realize it was possible to have a little kid as a legit friend. My niece has so much charisma, charm and personality, I often wonder how why I'm so lucky to get to call her family. She makes me laugh with her wonder and amusement with the world. Her creativity and imagination makes me jealous of her carefree life. I love our facetime dates when I can hear all about anything and everything that's currently running through that little mind of hers. I'm pretty sure I can talk to her longer then some of my friends...but that might be because half our 'talk time' ends up being "watch me play with my barbies!'
Precious <3

#9: My Family
I don't even know where to begin! I can't say enough about how amazing my whole family is. The sacrifices they have made to benefit my life, well I don't think I could ever express my full gratitude. Everyone has gone well out of their way to make sure I could get the career I always wanted, and make sure those dreams I had as a little girl would become a reality. Not to mention all the laughs we've shared over the years, or all the daily phone calls with my mom, or all the amazing adventures I've been on across the globe with everyone. It isn't always said enough but I honestly don't know what I would do without my family. And now with my move out east I've collected a new family as well! My sister's in laws have been so warm and inviting to me since I got here and I feel like I've now got an Ontario family as well! With invites to big family dinners, to helping me with my golf game, I appreciate each and everyone of them and all their generosity!
The Fam Jam
Britty and I
The bro and I

Mom and I
#10: My Awkwardness
This one probably sounds a big self centered but I think it took 25 years for me to be finally be happy with how 'un normal' I am. I may say the wrong thing at the wrong time, pose for too many selfies(in public), laugh until I cry, or just flat out pull out the ugly cry. However, that's what makes me different and that's what makes Courtney...Courtney! I think most people spend their teen years running from what makes them different, and then spend their early twenties searching for what they were running from. I wish I knew in high school what I know now. I wish I hadn't spent so many years being ashamed of what made me different.
I`m the kind of lady who rocks the worm during a wedding reception dance off in an itty bitty dress...ok so it was more like a flopping fish...but my dance skills are pretty epic! :)

Wishing everyone a very happy thanksgiving filled with plenty of turkey! I hope everyone takes a little time to reflect on the great in their life!


Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's a BOY!!!

I feel like I'm constantly apologizing on here for not posting often enough. I swear, this time I have a valid reason for my absence...I moved! That's right folks, I up and shift my little booty across country. Thankfully, I've got my sister and brother-in-law out here to keep me company(and give me a bed to sleep in). However, this blog post isn't about my new home in Toronto...it's about the newest member of our household! I would like to formally introduce everyone to Norman Eugene Campagnolo! He is just shy of three months and already quite the handsome little devil! Naturally, being the photo obsessed lady that I am, I had to do a mini photo shoot with him. Think of this as a newborn photo shoot if you will...only with a puppy! They say dogs are like children, right?

Like mom and dad...Norman is the ultimate sports fan! Much too young to know who the Expos are, but ultimately knows the best team is the Canadian team!
Norman is a pure bred blue merle Pomeranian...hard to tell but he has one piercing blue eye and one chocolate brown eye.
All the single ladies...all the single ladies...put your hands up!
Don't let the bow tie fool you...go near his stuff elephant and there is no telling what will happen! 
This little man already has a bigger wardrobe then Oprah...well, maybe Stedman!
Go Jays!
Typical man...catching some zzz's on the job!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

I Heart You!

Well, well, well...unless my calendar is lying(which has happened before), I'm pretty sure today is Valentines Day! I hate to sound like such a dork, but I adore this holiday! I know what you critics are saying, "she must have received a dozen roses, along with a bucket full of diamonds, from an absolute stud...no wonder she loves this holiday!" And to that I say...hahaha!! I can assure you, I'm as single as they come(wink, wink to all the hotties out there!), I did not receive one flower of any kind, and the only 'ice' I got near today was the kind in my glass. And yet...I still celebrate this holiday with as much oomph as cupid! Why? Well, first off, I'm a firm believer that I don't need a man in my life to live it...why can't I celebrate the love of myself? Haha! Not to mention, celebrate the love I have for my family and friends! Sure, sure, sure...I could show this appreciation year round(and I do!), but we can also celebrates gingers year round...but yet we have St. Patty's Day for that! I guess it just takes me back to the excited feeling I got as a kid when I anxiously awaited getting all my valentines from my classmates, and eating all the pink, heart shaped cookies! Who doesn't love that feeling of being five again?
So, what are my plans this Valentines Day? One of my best friends and I are dressing up and checking out a new Italian restaurant in town. Like I said early, why not celebrate the love for your friends? Oh, and just a shout out to pinterest for his gift. Everyone go check out this link...it's seriously so cute, easy, and affordable! It literally look me an hour or two and it is such a personal gift! Doesn't pinterest just save the day...like everytime! :)

xoxo(double that today!)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Out With The Old...

I think it's pretty obvious that to anyone who knows me that I have a 'slight' addiction to shopping. What comes with a love for shopping? Clothes...lots and lots of clothes! Lots and lots of clothes mean a very full closet for a Miss Hoover! I've known for a long time that I've needed to do a good clean up however, the inner hoarder in me has basically been putting a lock on my my closet doors. But, just days before my deadline for the list I finally sucked it up and just did it! I can honestly say, I never expected it to be so difficult. I can't tell you how many times I shifted my favourite striped blazer from a bin to hanging up again and back to the bin again(I got an unfortunate stain on the lapel that I've been trying to cover up with broaches...to no avail). Who knew one could get so emotionally attached to clothing! However, at the end of the day I must admit it feels so much more organized and less crazy! Hopefully now it wont take me hours just to pick an outfit(just kidding...I could have 5 things in my closet and I'd still be just as indecisive as ever!)

Apparently the puppies wanted in on the fun as well...but don't worry...how could we get rid of such cuties like these!
 Sooo many clothes!!  However...look at all the room I made in my closet! I can move things around again! Horray!!
Look how neat and organized even my dresser is! I don't think I've been able to shut these drawers since '92!
Even Pepper gives me a thumbs up! :)


25...hello? Is that you?

So, it's official...I've hit the big mid twenties! Yikes! I know, I can hardly believe I'm finally old enough to...rent a car! Haha! Look out Avis...I feel a strong need to use and abuse my new found power! I did want to do a quick post to show everyone what a lucky girl I was last week. Not only was my actual day perfect but last Saturday I also had a little get together at my friend's apartment followed by a dance party on Whyte Ave.  All in all, I have to say, if last week was any indication of what 25 has in store for me...I will have one of my most epic years yet!

Ummm...could my Justin Bieber/Courtney cupcakes get any cuter??  Note my signature pearls, polka dots and red lips? I nearly died when I saw these! Better then I could have ever imagined!  I have one of my sister's close friends to thank for these! If anyone wants contact info so you can make a cupcake order just message me...I promise, you won't be disappointed!
 Do my friends know me, or do they know me? Only Bieber can finally put into words what makes me so special (my straight up coolness...yo! haha!)

Also pictured here is the jello shots (or what's left of them), and not pictures are my white chocolate, s'mores pudding shots.  Can you say delicious? Yummm!! Thank you pintrest...always so many creative ideas! **Sidenote: Everyone please follow me on pinterest @Courtneyhoover!! :)
 My bestie, Courtney...the other half of C²! Love you!!
 Typical mirror shot...
 Devin doesn't seem so excited to be celebrating...Regan is making up for his lack of excitement in spades! :)
 My ladies!!  Is it just me or is one of us not like the other...haha! Love you ladies!
My one and only Ginger! Could I love this guy anymore?

And shortly after these photos were taken, absolute nonsense started...but those photos and stories will have to wait for another blog posting...or not! haha!