Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's a BOY!!!

I feel like I'm constantly apologizing on here for not posting often enough. I swear, this time I have a valid reason for my absence...I moved! That's right folks, I up and shift my little booty across country. Thankfully, I've got my sister and brother-in-law out here to keep me company(and give me a bed to sleep in). However, this blog post isn't about my new home in's about the newest member of our household! I would like to formally introduce everyone to Norman Eugene Campagnolo! He is just shy of three months and already quite the handsome little devil! Naturally, being the photo obsessed lady that I am, I had to do a mini photo shoot with him. Think of this as a newborn photo shoot if you will...only with a puppy! They say dogs are like children, right?

Like mom and dad...Norman is the ultimate sports fan! Much too young to know who the Expos are, but ultimately knows the best team is the Canadian team!
Norman is a pure bred blue merle Pomeranian...hard to tell but he has one piercing blue eye and one chocolate brown eye.
All the single ladies...all the single ladies...put your hands up!
Don't let the bow tie fool you...go near his stuff elephant and there is no telling what will happen! 
This little man already has a bigger wardrobe then Oprah...well, maybe Stedman!
Go Jays!
Typical man...catching some zzz's on the job!



  1. Hi! I am so amazed by your Pomeranian. My 17 yr old Pom recently passed away and I am researching breeders. Would you consider telling me the name of your breeder??

  2. Can you please tell me where you got your cute merle pom. I live in Ottawa, Ont and I am looking to getting a pom like this. Can you please email me at