Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Day In The Snow...

Ok, so I can admit, it's been way too long since my last blog post! Seriously...WAY too long! I've had so many posts I wanted to make I've just been...sucking at prioritizing this blog!  My bad guys! I'll try better for the new year, promise! So lets start off the new year with a shoot from December.  I had planned to put this up the week before Christmas, but I'm sure everyone can agree, a ton of plans fall through that week.  Who wants to blog when they have cheer to spread and sparkly things to look at? haha!

This particular shoot was a bit of a random one.  I had shot this gorgeous couple in May for their wedding so last minute when they decided to make some Christmas cards I was honored they thought of me and asked to do a small shoot with them.  I can't express enough how much I enjoy shooting these two.  It's rare to get a couple that is so willing to try new ideas and shots.  It's tough to explain to a non photographer but knowing someone trusts your vision and art (as wack-a-doodle as they may seem) seriously makes this job worth it.  Plus, the amount of laughs that happen when I get to shoot Cody and Nicole, make it not even seem like a job.  So to my two lovely models, I thank you!

Ps...not because of my photos, but I just have to say that their christmas cards ended up being amazing! Nicole is one talented card maker! :)



  1. Great photos! Id like to ask you to do my engagement photos right now , but we arent getting married for another 2 years lol!! So I think i'll wait and ask you in a year or so? Hahaha just dont go anywhere ;)


  2. Wherever you are I will hunt you down when it comes to my baby pictures too. FYI lol!