Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Confessions of an EX Girlfriend...

Here is one of my 10 concept shoots I promised to do on my list.  I know, I know what everyone is thinking...where on earth did you find such good looking models!  haha!  Wouldn't you know it...these fine folks are Fort Saskatchewanites!  I must thank Eric and Shannon for helping me out last minute.  This shoot was thrown together in a couple of days and I was happy to have such wonderful volunteers.  And wouldn't you know it, they aren't even a real couple (they are just that good at acting angry!  Props to you two!)  Oh, and everyone is probably wondering as well why I seem to hate men so much!  I don't...trust me...but I loved the idea of doing something other then a photoshoot showcasing love.  Plus, to anyone who knows me, I am usually the complete opposite of angry and vengeful...so it's fun to shock people too! :)  I hope everyone enjoys!

**Word to the wise...just because some of these photos may depict some violence, I in no way condone any of that.  Please, oh please, no killing teddy bears and blaming it on me...poor Teddy did nothing to you!





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