Saturday, 18 August 2012

VanHOOVER!!! ( I'm back!!! )

This July was a very busy month for me. A trip to Jamaica the first week, and a trip to Vancouver the last week. I am one lucky lady! This trip to Vancouver (or VanHOOVER, as I prefer it) was a long time coming. It was about four years ago I moved from Vancouver to Edmonton and being back in one of the greatest cities brought back so many memories from some of the best years ever! Some of those memories include one of my greatest friends from college, Jo. So when she invited me to her wedding...could I really say no? Of course not! I was honored to go and celebrate such an important event in her life. She had chosen a nautical theme for her nuptuals, so when putting together my outfit I chose a twist on the nautical theme.

 Dear VanHOOVER...boy have I missed your skyline!

I have to admit...the neon trend has really got me hooked right now.  It brings me back to the 90s...when my mom dressed me in neon colour blocked polyester track suits.  Why that makes me happy and giddy I have no idea...but the thought of neon just brightens my mood.  However, I do try to follow one rule when wearing neon (a rule my mom...or anyone in the 90s clearly hadn't heard of...), do NOT go overboard.  If I am wearing something neon I try to pair it with a neutral.  Never wear too much at once.  I usually feel safe following this trend as long as I am sticking to that.  
 Could this be a more perfect clutch for me?  A bow...sequins...enough said!
 How could I leave my hot pink lips at home?  They practically scream P-A-R-T-Y!!
 To the happy couple, Aaron and Johanna.  Thank you very much for including me in your big day.  It was quite the wedding and I had the greatest time!  It was an honor to be there!

Ps...I miss you already Jo!!  Get your booty to Alberta ASAP! :) Love you!!!



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